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For hospital's suppliers

Purchase of overdue receivables

Often used by companies close to the end of fiscal period – clearing of balance of overdue receivables. It improves the cashflow of supply companies markedly as well. Purchase can be executed with a recourse or as res-regressive (the receivable is already in our books and it’s not possible to repay it to the supplier if not enforced)


Regular financing of supplies into health care facilities, executed in a form of factoring, i.e. by the purchase of actual issued invoices (regular financing of receivables with future maturity).

Silent factoring / Silent purchase of receivables

In the event supplier requires confidentiality against the debtor to be secured, we call it as a silent factoring. This means in particular not informing the debtor about a new creditor by the time of any breach of obligations related to the repayment plan agreed in advance (agreed in advance between the original creditor and health care facility)


(guarantees for the repayment of obligations by hospitals to the suppliers)

BFF Česká republika will guarantee proper and timely repayment of liabilities of the hospital. In the event the hospital is unable to repay its liabilities at the due date, BFF Česká republika will pay its liabilities. This service allows the following:

  • hospital will be aware of the guaranty and will try to pay its liabilities against creditors by the due date,
  • supplier and hospital can be certain that temporary troubles of hospital will not affect their good relations,
  • creditor can be sure about the payment – from the hospital or from the guarantor, so in simple words, he always receives his payment on time.

On the basis of a long-term contract, a guaranty may be acquired from BFF Česká republika for all the liabilities established against the supplier,

Smlouva Dodavatel – nemocnice = Contract Supplier – Hospital

Dodavatel = Supplier

Podpis smlouvy s Dodavatelem o Platebni zaruce = Contract on payment guaranty concluded with the Supplier

Magellan Česká republika I Dodavatel informuji Nemocnici o uzavreni Platebni zaruky = BFF Česká republika and Supplier inform the Hospital about the Contract on payment guaranty conclusion

Realizace dodavek do Nemocnice/fakturace = Execution of supplies to the Hospital/invoicing

Faktury nabyvaji splatnosti = invoices become due

Magellan Česká republika informuje Nemocnici o Zaruce na uvedene faktury = BFF Česká republika informs the Hospital about a Guaranty for specified invoices

Nemocnice neplati primo dodavateli – the Hospital is not paying directly to the supplier

Dodavatel vyzyva Magellan Česká republika k uhrade = Suppliers requests BFF Česká republika to pay

Magellan Česká republika plati dodavateli za Nemocnici = BFF Česká republika pays to the supplier instead of Hospital

Magellan Česká republika nabizi Nemocnici nove splatkove harmonogramy = BFF Česká republika offers new repayment plans to the Hospital

  • Loan / Půjčka
  • Possible early repayment of loan free of payment
  • Different forms of guaranty
  • Loan for a specific purpose or a non-purpose loan