For hospitals (for health care facilities)

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For hospitals (for health care facilities)
Our goal is to make the development of business activities for suppliers possible and to make the access to funds for health care facilities easier so they could develop their activities and improve care provided to patients.

By the execution of project of financial assistance, we are able to secure and create conditions for the health care facilities for better provision of high-quality healthcare, in particular by:

  • hospital cash flow stabilisation (important e.g. in the event of reduction of insurance benefits, unexpected expenditures, etc.)
  • improvement of hospital rating
  • improvement of hospital liabilities’ portfolio (conversion of liabilities from overdue to payable in the future), so-called novation of liabilities!
  • Release of funds to be used e.g. for the EU subsidies application
  • Release of funds to be used e.g. for the purchase of technologies and equipment, less demanding for energy and personnel (future savings)
  • Release of funds to be used e.g. for the liabilities’ set-off, where high penalty interests are accrued (future savings)
  • Release of funds to be used e.g. for the earlier payment of loan (future savings)
  • More effective allocation of funds in general (change in suppliers...)

We guarantee the possibility of a more beneficial repayment plan (e.g. repayment for even 60 months) adjusted to the potential of your health care facility.

Restructuring of commercial liabilities (supplier credit)

Interesting financial product for health care facilities, utilizing liabilities’ novation (liability is converted from an overdue liability to payable in the future).


Flexible financial instrument allows you to use the funds in the following areas:

  • Execution of investment projects
  • Immediate repayment of civil and statutory liabilities with a chance to reduce the load of statutory late payment interests.

Thanks to our accessible funds, you can get the loan quickly and free of any complicated procedures and warranties, required by bank.