For suppliers of local government units

Business Area
For suppliers of local government units

Factoring of not overdue receivables N/A (Factoring of receivables not overdue)

Assigment of overdue receivables N/A

Purchase of receivables

BFF Česká republika s.r.o. will purchase receivables from supplier against the local governments that are due or overdue, thus allowing the supplier to accelerate its cash flow.

Co-financing of PPP project's

Financing and co-financing of higher input costs for the service provider (concessions, accessibility), whose beneficiary and final user will be the self-governing subject (municipality, town, self-governing region). This service is provided within a Public Private Partnership Project (PPP). Primary sources, necessary for the construction or reconstruction will be secured by BFF Česká republika s.r.o. and in cooperation with the contractor, they are directed in particular to the execution of projects that do not meet conditions for loan drawings and are not appropriate for the drawings from EU funds.

Co-financing of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

This service is designed for the Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) that are providers of EPC projects and is appropriate for financing of guaranty for the energy efficiency improvement for the subjects of public sector with a short- and medium-term return. BFF Česká republika s.r.o. cooperates with ESCO when pre-financing the primary higher EPC costs without the need of drawing the loan funds by ESCO.

Short term loan colleteralized by receivables on LGU

BFF Česká republika s.r.o will provide a short-term loan to the suppliers of local governments to finance supplier’s invoices. This loan will be guaranteed by receivables against the local government. Maturity of the loan is gradual through monthly instalments or by one-off payment on the basis of mutual agreement.